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Singh Producers   more info

FSA Consulting completed a report containing information in regard to the natural resources of the site (surface water, ground water, soils, geology and vegetation) of a proposed development. The development proposes establishing a farm of 240,000 meat chicken birds at Josephville via Beaudesert. The farm will include 8 tunnel-ventilated meat chicken sheds (122 m x 14.7 m) on his 193.1 ha farm. Each shed is proposed to house 30,000 birds.

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RIRDC Chicken EMS  more info

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation wished to develop an Environmental Management Information Package to enhance the environmental sustainability of the chicken meat industry and enable producers to comply with relevant environmental regulations. FSA consulting was contracted to supply an Environmental Management Information Package with state of the art information and tools for producers and to provide the industry with a framework for continual environmental improvement.

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Poultry Environmental Issues Database  more info

FSA Consulting was a joint consultant with Pacific Air & Environment Pty Ltd in the Environmental Database for the Intensive Meat Chicken Industry. The project critically evaluated the many sources of information relating to environmental impacts and odour control technologies relevant to the meat chicken industry. The evaluation of data was in terms of the relevance and value to both environmental management systems and the regulatory process.

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NEQAP Environmental Information for Egg Producers  more info

The Australian Egg Corporation Ltd contracted FSA Consulting to develop an environmental management information package for the Australian egg industry to enhance its Quality Assurance Program.

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RIRDC Chicken EMS Training Package  more info

The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation wish to produce a training package that will assist meat chicken producers by increasing their knowledge of environmental issues, improve their ability to minimise or manage environmental impacts, enhance their ability to interpret basic environmental monitoring results and enable them to produce a meaningful draft environmental management plan.

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