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Vince Butler    more info

Through consultation, FSA Consulting produced for Vince Butler a piggery design and development application using industry best practice, legislative requirements, the sites topography, contract grower preferences and contact supplier requirements.


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Solid Separation  more info

A number of reports were completed as part of the project, including:

  • A review of piggery effluent characteristics and solids separation systems.
  • A case study evaluation of 14 solids separation systems.
  • A desk-top study of the effect of solids separation on overall odour emissions and impacts from piggeries.
  • A report detailing the design, commissioning and testing of a solids separation system installed at a piggery on the Darling Downs.
  • An evaluation of the odour emissions from the piggery anaerobic pond where the separation system was installed, before and after the commissioning of the separation system.


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Sustainability Indicators   more info

FSA Consulting has completed a project to develop indicators of sustainability for effluent reuse in the intensive livestock industries piggeries and cattle feedlots. Australian Pork Limited, Meat and Livestock Australia and NSW EPA jointly funded the project.

The project identified sustainability indicators for nitrogen, phosphorus, salinity and sodicity. Trigger values were identified to assist industry in reviewing their effluent and manure reuse forward plans. The monitoring and review of these sustainability indicators will assist industry with operating environmentally sustainable operations.

A risk assessment process was also developed. It considers the site assessment, the whole farm nutrient mass balance, the design and management of the reuse area and the sustainability indicators to decide if adverse environmental impacts are likely. The outcome of the risk assessment process is a risk appraisal for each resource and targeted environmental monitoring to measure sustainability.
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Environmental Management Plans Training   more info

Australian Pork Limited (APL) commissioned FSA Consulting to produce training materials that would enable pork producers to develop their own Environmental Management Plan.

The Training Package is titled “Environmental Management Plans for Piggeries”.


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Environmental Principles Training more info

The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) has been undertaking a project for the Pig Research Development Corporation (PRDC) to prepare a training package for environmental managers at piggeries (Project NCEA2/1092). This training package aims to assist Piggery Managers in:

  • understanding piggeries as part of the environment;
  • making informed management decisions;
  • understanding the impacts of management activities on the environment; and
  • being accountable, through environmental monitoring and recording

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Odour Review for the Australian Pig Industry   more info

In the past, the Australian Pork Limited (APL) has funded research into piggery odours. However, this research has not been as successful as possible. As a consequence APL (formerly PRDC) funded FSA Consulting to complete a review of the research to date, as well as a comprehensive review of pig odour research. This project was conducted in 1999 and consisted of two components:

Since the initial study in 1999, there is now a new Australian Standard (AS4323.3) for collecting, analysing and reporting odours and an upgrade of the odour modelling program AUSPLUME. The piggery odour emissions database originally developed by FSA Consulting was upgraded with the new information.

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Pink Pond Odour Study    more info

Odour emissions are currently the most significant community amenity issue facing the Australian pig industry.

Five anaerobic ponds were sampled for odour over a six- week period in February/March 2001. Two sets of odour emission data were collected from each pond on two separate days. Pond loading rates were estimated from predictions of manure production for each piggery and surveys of pond volumes. Ammonia emission rates and pond chemistry measurements were also conducted for each pond.

Click here to view a copy of the final report.

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National Environmental Pig Guidelines   more info

Maximising opportunities for industry growth is a strategic objective of Australian Pork Limited (APL). A consistent regulatory approach throughout Australia based on the latest technical information will facilitate new development proposals, facility upgrades and compliance with licence and approval conditions and current regulatory standards. To facilitate this, APL contracted FSA Consulting to develop National Environmental Guidelines for Piggeries.

The Guidelines will provide an over-arching, up-to-date benchmark for the pig industry and regulatory authorities in assessing the environmental sustainability of piggeries. They will include design and operation benchmarks for piggeries.
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Victorian Code of Practice - Piggeries   more info

FSA Consulting has recently been engaged to review the Victorian Code of Practice – Piggeries. The objective of the project is to finalise the current draft, ready for inclusion in the Victoria Planning Provisions as an incorporated document.

Click here to view a copy of the final report.

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