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Maximising opportunities for industry growth is a strategic objective of Australian Pork Limited (APL). A consistent regulatory approach throughout Australia based on the latest technical information will facilitate new development proposals, facility upgrades and compliance with licence and approval conditions and current regulatory standards. To facilitate this, APL contracted FSA Consulting to develop National Environmental Guidelines for Piggeries.

The Guidelines will provide an over-arching, up-to-date benchmark for the pig industry and regulatory authorities in assessing the environmental sustainability of piggeries. They will include design and operation benchmarks for piggeries.

The guidelines provide design and operation benchmarks for piggeries.  It is intended that the design and management alternatives provided to achieve positive environmental outcomes would be adopted in future updates of individual State guidelines or codes of practice.

In order to develop comprehensive guidelines, APL has been consulting various groups of stakeholders including producers, governments and regulators, industry advisers and researchers.  Two preliminary drafts of the guidelines have been circulated to selected representatives of these groups. The feedback received has been incorporated into the third draft.

If you would like to receive a copy of the draft Guidelines (113 pages) or to discuss any specific issues further, please contact APL's R&D Manager for Environmental Sustainability, fax: , phone: .

Copies of the guidelines are also available from the APL website at:



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