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FSA Consulting can provide a complete irrigation design package from initial conception to ongoing operational management.


Feasibility Studies     more info

Before any irrigation or farming development is undertaken, a feasibility study is vital to identify all possible constraints. FSA Consulting can recognise development limitations in the following areas:

  • Climate
  • Soils
  • Water sources and reliability
  • Topography
  • Legal constraints
  • Crop types
  • Environmental


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Water Supply Reliability Analysis    more info

FSA Consulting can help you make rational decisions on the size and reliability of irrigation schemes. Using a computer simulation model including historical rainfall, evaporation, runoff and streamflow records, we can assist you in determining:

  • Optimal ring tank size
  • Water availability
  • Pump sizes
  • Irrigation system reliability
  • When to plant
  • Runoff volumes.
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Soil Surveying     more info

Soil physical and chemical properties play a major role in the success of any agricultural system. An inventory of the soil and land resources for a property can provide data for ?

  • Understanding the soil limitations and suitability
  • Determining a soil map and appropriate farm layout
  • Assessing soil salinity and sodicity
  • Designing and operating irrigation systems
  • Growing suitable and profitable crops
  • Developing an environmental monitoring framework
  • Environmental assessments
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Catchment Analysis     more info

The amount of runoff that can be utilised for irrigation depends on many factors. They can include catchment size, property location and other developments in the catchment. Knowing the amount of runoff is essential for farm planning. FSA Consulting can determine how much runoff you are getting from your local catchment. Using computer models, we can assist you in determining:

  • Rainfall-runoff relationships
  • Flood harvesting potential
  • Sustainable water yield
  • Reliability of water yield
  • Peak catchment discharge
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Floodplain & Levee Bank Analysis     more info

New developments on floodplains can alter flood patterns and magnitudes. FSA Consulting is experienced in assessing the impact of development on floodplains. Using computer models, we can examine the change in water surface profiles, heights and flow rates due to the new development.

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Ring Tank and Farm Dam Design     more info

FSA Consulting prides itself on providing cost effective, reliable ring tank designs using a combination of current design methods, sophisticated modelling programs and over 20 years of professional experience. FSA Consulting has designed over 40 ring tanks with a combined capacity of over 50,000 ML.

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Cotton Irrigation Design     more info

A carefully planned cotton irrigation design can lower maintenance, increase crop production, reduce earthworks and ultimately save MONEY. FSA Consulting can undertake all facets of flood and spray irrigation system design.

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Land & Water Management Plans     more info

Land and water management plans (LWMPs) are plans which describe the infrastructure, natural resources and management practices on a property. LWMPs are prepared to plan the productive, profitable and sustainable use of water for irrigation purposes. The Water Act 2000 outlines the current policy, including the need for an approved LWMP before purchased water allocations can be used for irrigation purposes. A LWMP will have a 'life' of up to 10 years from the initial approval. FSA Consulting has considerable experience in preparing LWMPs for a range of properties throughout the QMDB.


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