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Farm Dams for the Sugar Industry

Farm dams provide flexibility in utilising additional sources of water at times more suited to crop demand. Added benefits include recycling and reducing offsite runoff of nutrients and pesticides.

To assist sugar growers building farm dams, a training workshop for industry extension personnel was conducted. The main objective of the workshop was to give extension officers an understanding of the processes involved in building a farm dam.

FSA Consulting developed the training manual and provided speakers for the workshop.

This project was a joint initiative of

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Irrigation in Egypt

Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (KADCO) has acquired over 160,000 ha of land in the Western Sahara with the aim of developing a major irrigation scheme. However, before embarking on this US$500M project, it was decided to develop an experimental farm near Abu Simbel in southern Egypt to test the crops and irrigation techniques for the main development. GRM International contracted FSA Consulting to design the 200 ha experimental farm. The design includes centre-pivot, lateral move and drip irrigation.
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Kensington Holdings Ring Tank

Kensington Holdings are developing a 400 ha (1000 ac) cotton irrigation scheme near Warra on the Darling Downs, Queensland. FSA Consulting undertook hydrological simulation modelling to determine the reliability of the scheme given the available flood harvesting licences. A 1200 ML ring tank was then designed. FSA Consulting gave advice on construction supervision and soil types. Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) certification was provided.
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