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Narrogin Beef Producers   more info

Originally from the United States of America, the owner of the Narrogin feedlot come to Australia with the specific purpose of establishing a cattle feedlot. The Narrogin feedlot is located 4.5 km to the south-west of Narrogin in WA. In February 2002, FSA Consulting compiled a comprehensive Works Approval application for the development of a 14,940 head feedlot.


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Waterfall Feedlot  more info

The Waterfall feedlot is owned and operated as a family operated enterprise in the Goomeri area. The feedlot is a custom feeding operation which started as a small 500 head feedlot. With the help from FSA Consulting, the feedlot now operates as a 3,900 SCU feedlot over two sites on the property.

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Lotus Park Feedlot  more info

Lotus Park feedlot is located 2 hours north of Rockhampton on the old Sarina Marlborough Road . The feedlot is a family operated enterprise, custom-feeding cattle for a number of clients.


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MLA Feedlot By-Product Contaminants  more info

FSA Consulting collaborated on a project that aimed to identify and evaluate current industry practice for the treatment of by-products, and the requirements of the end use industries with regard to contaminants. The project also aimed to provide a risk assessment for the potential transfer of contaminants from treated by-products. The focus of the project was on the feedlot industry only. The project team investigated products/contaminants likely to have a human or animal health effect. Products or applications with an environmental focus (eg. rehabilitation of land, forestry) were not covered. The range of risks to be identified and assessed included zoonotic diseases pathogens, heavy metals, viruses and parasites.

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Sustainability Indicators    more info

A number of reports were completed as part of the project, including:

  • A review of piggery effluent characteristics and solids separation systems.
  • A case study evaluation of 14 solids separation systems.
  • A desk-top study of the effect of solids separation on overall odour emissions and impacts from piggeries.
  • A report detailing the design, commissioning and testing of a solids separation system installed at a piggery on the Darling Downs.
  • An evaluation of the odour emissions from the piggery anaerobic pond where the separation system was installed, before and after the commissioning of the separation system.


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MLA Feedlot Odour Study  more info

Odour emissions from feedlots have been a contentious issue and, consequently, the subject of a significant amount of previous research. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) recently contracted FSA Consulting to undertake project FLOT.323 “Development of Odour Performance Criteria for the Australian Feedlot Industry”.

The odour impact criteria developed by this project will provide a technically sound methodology for estimating potential odour emission and dispersion that incorporates modern feedlot design and management processes. As a result, the new criteria will provide a more accurate reflection of the reduced impact resulting from improved practices.

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