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Originally from the United States of America , the owner of the Narrogin feedlot come to Australia with the specific purpose of establishing a cattle feedlot. The Narrogin feedlot is located 4.5 km to the south-west of Narrogin in WA. In February 2002, FSA Consulting compiled a comprehensive Works Approval application for the development of a 14,940 head feedlot.

The relevant authorities in WA approved the Works Approval application for the full capacity. The owner is now developing the feedlot in stages, and has so far developed the feedlot to a capacity of 2,000 head with further expansion planned for the near future.

Although based in QLD, FSA Consulting compiled the Works Approval application in accordance with WA Guidelines. Taking into account the limitations of the site, a detailed layout of the feedlot pens, runoff control system and feed milling and storage facilities were provided with the application.

FSA Consulting is continuing to work closely with the feedlot owner to ensure the next stages of the feedlot are developed in accordance with the plans in the application.




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