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The Waterfall feedlot is owned and operated as a family operated enterprise in the Goomeri area. The feedlot is a custom feeding operation which started as a small 500 head feedlot. With the help from FSA Consulting, the feedlot now operates as a 3,900 SCU feedlot over two sites on the property.

FSA Consulting has worked closely with the owner of the Waterfall feedlot to develop the feedlot to the successful business it is today. Our work has included:

  • Compiling development applications to expand the feedlot;
  • Siting and designing the detailed layout of the feedlot expansions;
  • Preparing and updating the environmental management plans as the feedlot has expanded;
  • Preparation of a QA Manual for the feedlot, including EU Accrediation;
  • Undertaking annual environmental monitoring at the feedlot in accordance with licence conditions;

FSA Consulting continues to work closely with the owner to ensure the feedlot is operating in a environmentally sustainable manner and in accordance with its licensed conditions.




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