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FSA Consulting was a joint consultant with Pacific Air & Environment Pty Ltd in the Environmental Database for the Intensive Meat Chicken Industry. The project critically evaluated the many sources of information relating to environmental impacts and odour control technologies relevant to the meat chicken industry. The evaluation of data was in terms of the relevance and value to both environmental management systems and the regulatory process.

The chicken meat industry recognises this situation and is sought to provide its members with a database containing a repository of all current information relevant to environmental impact of meat chicken farms. In addition, the information was critiqued and existing and promising odour control strategies were reviewed.

The objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Identify and collect all the relevant documentation related to the environmental performance of the meat chicken and meat breeder industry.
  • Create a user-friendly database as the repository of this information.
  • Undertake a review of odour control strategies available to the meat chicken industry and include an objective cost/benefit analysis of the available strategies.
  • Make recommendations with respect to the most suitable strategies for controlling odour from the meat chicken industry.
  • Make recommendations on the research and development that may need to be undertaken to either: (a) More adequately assess the potential of available (or prospective) odour control strategies (b) Further develop or refine the most promising currently available odour control strategies for meat chicken farms or (c) Develop new strategies for odour control.
This project has provided the current “state of play” in information relating to environmental impacts of intensive meat chicken farms. This project has provided direction for future research into low-cost odour control strategies.




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