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The Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation contracted FSA Consulting to develop an environmental management information package for the Australian egg industry to enhance its Quality Assurance Program.

The Environmental Management Information Package provides state of the art information and tools for producers and provide a framework for continual environmental improvement by the industry. The Environmental Management Information Package was designed for incorporation into the industry Quality Assurance (QA) Program addressing food safety, bird welfare, farm biosecurity and product labelling. The inclusion of environmental management in the QA Program will enhance the industries position of producing a clean, green, wholesome product.

This project will assist industry in meeting their environmental responsibilities and enhancing their environmental performance by:

  • Providing best practice environmental management information for the industry.
  • Assisting producers in assessing the environmental risk of their enterprise.
  • Assisting producers in developing site specify environmental management plans
  • Providing a clear direction for industry to improve its environmental awareness through suggested targeted training.

A Best Practice Manual was prepared including information and data gathered and collated from industry reports, research data, industry monitoring and overseas experience. The manual was specifically designed to reflect industry standards by adaptable to the differing egg industry production styles (barn, free-range, cage).

Industry representatives were contacted to guide the format of the Environmental Information package, provide feedback on sections of the package as they are developed, inform industry of the project progress, receive feedback from wider industry of the package format and provide input into industry adoption and training. As part of the consultation process, it was required that the environmental management information was altered to merge directly with The National Egg Quality Assurance Program.

After completion of the package, documents will be reviewed by industry representatives

State industry bodies will also be kept informed of the project content and progress. The members of the working group and the RIRDC Egg Program will play form an integral part of the acceptance and adoption of the Environmental Management Information Package for the egg Industry.


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