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FSA Consulting provides a complete range of environmental services for the poultry industry. We can take your project from initial site selection through to the development approval process and then on-going monitoring.


Poultry Applications  more info [PDF - 318 Kb]

FSA Consulting can do it all when it comes to gaining approval for a new or expanding poultry development. With increased requirements for development applications from government agencies and local councils, FSA Consulting can assist with the process and gaining the necessary approvals. Our experienced staff can provide:

  • Detailed Development Applications for EPA's and Local Councils.
  • Good Quality Agricultural Land (GQAL) assessments for proposed developments.
  • Odour modelling studies for your farm.
  • Expert advice on manure/litter management and treatment, including composting.
  • Stormwater management plans, including the design of catchment runoff dams.
  • Easy to read plans and drawings.

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Environmental Management Plans  more info [PDF - 203 Kb]

FSA Consulting can take the hassle out of preparing an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and procedures manual for your poultry farm. Our experienced staff will prepare a comprehensive EMP and procedures manual tailored to your poultry operations and meet all then requirements of your licensing authority.

The procedures manual will set out daily, weekly, monthly, annual and on-going procedures that occur on your farm. This can be given to current or new staff to aid them in undertaking these procedures as required. It can also be presented to relevant authorities as a record of what occurs at the farm to address any environmental concerns.
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Environmental Monitoring  more info [PDF - 290 Kb]

FSA Consulting has qualified and experience staff that know what sampling and testing is required to meet your Environmental Licence conditions. We will provide the results in a professionally bound document for presentation to the relevant authority. We can also assist you with addressing any environmental problems that may be revealed from the testing.

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Composting    FactSheets on Composting

FSA Consulting is experienced in dealing with compost and developing composting facilities. We can help you with:

  • Understanding the composting process
  • Site layout and design
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Quality Assurance System
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Weather Stations    more info [PDF - 217 Kb]   

Weather stations can provide essential information to assist managers of agricultural enterprises to operate efficiently with continuous improvements and adjustments being made to management practices as climatic conditions change.

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