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FSA Consulting provides a complete range of environmental services for the feedlot industry. We can take your project from initial site selection through the development approval process to design and then on-going operation and monitoring.


Feedlot Applications     more info [PDF - 335 Kb]

FSA Consulting has extensive experience in preparing comprehensive Development Applications (QLD) or Environmental Impact Assessments (other Australian States) for presentation to the various assessing authorities.

We can assist and guide you through the application process with personalised service from our experienced and qualified staff.

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Feedlot Design  more info [PDF - 268 Kb]

FSA Consulting can do it all when it comes to feedlot design. We can provide you with the latest design for ease of cattle handling, pen cleaning and maintenance. Our experienced staff can provide:

  • Detailed pen, cattle lane, drain, sedimentation basin and effluent pond design.
  • Despatch and handling yard design to suit your needs.
  • Cut and fill requirements.
  • Easy to read plans and drawings.

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Environmental Management Plans  more info [PDF - 267 Kb]

Take the hassle out of preparing an environmental management plan or quality assurance manual for your feedlot. Our experienced staff will prepare a comprehensive EMP or QA Manual tailored to your feedlot operation.

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Environmental Monitoring  more info [PDF - 295 Kb]

FSA Consulting has qualified and experienced staff that know what sampling and testing is required to meet your Environmental Licence conditions. We will provide the results in a professionally bound document for presentation to the relevant authority. We can also assist you with addressing any environmental problems that may be revealed from the testing.

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Feedlot EU Accreditation     more info [PDF - 306Kb]

FSA Consulting staff can assist you by:

  • Advising you of the changes you will need to make at the feedlot.
  • Upgrading and amending your QA Manual to meet standard requirements.
  • Creating a specific HGP-free Accreditation Manual to suit your operation.

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Pond Lining    

Regulatory authorities require effluent ponds to be lined to ensure that there is no chance of nutrient seeping into the groundwater. FSA Consulting can provide alternative methods of lining ponds and can certify lining of dams.

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Composting    FactSheets on Composting

FSA Consulting has experience in dealing with compost and developing composting facilities. We can help you with:

  • Understanding the composting process
  • Site layout and design
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Quality Assurance System

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Weather Stations    more info [PDF - 217 Kb]   

Weather stations can provide essential information to assist an agricultural enterprise to operate efficiently with continuous improvements and adjustments being made to management practices as climatic conditions change.

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Feedlot Assessments      more info [PDF - 217 Kb]

FSA Consulting has a wealth of experience in assessing cattle feedlots on behalf of Potential Purchasers, Receivers and Managers. The professional team at FSA Consulting can undertake comprehensive assessments and provide technical reports for presentation to Financial Institutions and other interested parties. We can provide you with a timely report, and can suggest strategies that will assist you with the marketing and/or resale of the enterprise and can provide advice on environmental compliance.

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Groundwater Impact Assessments    

The regulatory authorities responsible for intensive livestock licensing require a comprehensive GWIA as part of the Development Application for the particular enterprise.

The level of detail in the GWIA varies considerably with groundwater vulnerability. The GWIA is a study of the ground and surface water resources in the proposed development area, and assesses the potential impact the proposed development may have on these resources. The following information needs to gathered and analysed as part of the GWIA:

All registered bores within 5 km of the property

  • Site geology
  • Site hydrology
  • The average depth of groundwater in the region
  • Investigation into the geological nature of the area
  • Approaches to minimise groundwater contamination
FSA Consulting employs the services of a qualified groundwater analyst to undertake the GWIA on behalf of the client.
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