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FSA Consulting provides a complete range of environmental services for the dairy industry.


Dairy Feedlot Design  more info [PDF - 69Kb]

FSA Consulting can do it all when it comes to dairy feedlot design. We can provide you with the latest design for ease of cattle handling, pen cleaning and maintenance. Our experienced staff can provide:

  • Detailed design of pens, cattle lanes, drains, sedimentation basins and effluent ponds.
  • Cut and fill calculations.
  • Easy to read plans and drawings.

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Intensive Dairy Applications  more info [PDF - 345 Kb]

In QLD, intensive dairy operations may soon be viewed as an environmentally relevant activity (ERA) and therefore will require a Development Application, the same as a cattle feedlot. FSA Consulting has extensive experience in preparing comprehensive Development Applications (QLD) for presentation to the various assessing authorities.

We can assist and guide you through the application process with personalised service from our experienced and qualified staff.

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Effluent Design  more info [PDF - 229 Kb]

FSA Consulting has comprehensive experience in effluent and solid by-product treatment, handling and reuse. We can provide the latest design to meet your individual requirements. If you are thinking of building a feedlot dairy or constructing a feedpad and loafing area, FSA Consulting can assist you with the design. Our experienced staff can provide:

  • Effluent pond designs to meet EPA requirements.
  • Requirements for sustainable irrigation areas using MEDLI (location specific weather data, herd size, soil type and land use).
  • Cut and fill site requirements for earthworks.
  • Easy to read plans and drawings.

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Environmental Management Plans

An Environmental Management Plan (EMP) demonstrates to the community and regulatory authorities that your dairy is operated in accordance with industry environmental guidelines and the principles of environmental sustainable development.

FSA Consulting has extensive experience in developing EMPs and Waste Management Plans (WMPs). A procedures manual can be developed that will set out daily, weekly, monthly, annual and on-going procedures that occur at the dairy. This can be given to current or new staff to aid them in undertaking these procedures as required. It can also be presented to the relevant authorities as a record of what actions occurs at the dairy to address any environmental concerns.

Let us develop an EMP or WMP and procedures manual, tailored to suit your dairying operation.
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Environmental Monitoring 

FSA Consulting has qualified and experience staff that know what sampling and testing is required to meet your Environmental Licence conditions. We will provide the results in a professionally bound document for presentation to the relevant authority. We can also assist you with addressing any environmental problems that may be revealed from the testing.

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Weather Stations    more info [PDF - 217 Kb]   

Weather stations can provide essential information to assist assist managers of agricultural enterprises to operate efficiently with continuous improvements and adjustments being made to management practices as climatic conditions change.

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