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More information about odour from piggeries.

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Panellist using a dynamic olfactometer to measure odour.
22K 6 [email protected])

FSA Consulting uses AUSPLUME v4.0 for odour modelling.

(35K [email protected])

Odour Contour modelled around a piggery.

(42K [email protected])

Odour emissions appear to be less from purple-sulphur ponds

(34K [email protected])

Surface aeration reduces odour emissions from ponds

(23K [email protected])

Odour emissions from deep-litter sheds are less than conventional sheds

(25K [email protected])

Smaller ponds (and less odour) are possible with solids removal

(40K [email protected])

Regular flushing of sheds reduces odour emissions

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