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Rodney Davis
B. Eng (Agr), M.Eng, C.Dec


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Rod commenced work with Feedlot Services Australia Pty Ltd (trading as FSA Irrigation, FSA Environmental) in November 2004.

Since starting full-time work, Rod’s focus has been with Quality Assurance procedures and the technical aspects of the depth sensing equipment used in on-farm water storages. The real-time depth sensor measurements will be utilised in the development of a water budgeting analysis to allow sustainable irrigation practices.

From 1995 to 2004, Rod was a research engineer with the Farming Systems group, BSES Ltd. His primary role was to conduct research in the area of machine issues associated with the growing, harvesting and transport of sugarcane including:  the conceptualisation, development, trialling and commercialisation of alternative component designs, measurement of machine loadings and environmental data through the development of real-time data acquisition and monitoring systems and the development of industry harvesting best practice guidelines.

From April to November 1995, Rod was a design engineer with Feedlot Service Australia Pty Ltd. In this position he was involved in cattle feedlots with an emphasis on conceptual design, preparation of technical specifications and earthworks, computer simulation of waste management systems including drainage, waste disposal and odour generation, preparation of Quality Assurance manuals, Environmental Impact Statements and feedlot licence applications, on-farm earth dams, furrow irrigation layouts and irrigation infrastructure works including pipeline, supply and drainage channels, culverts and earthworks.

Fields of Special Competence

  • Mechanical component design
  • Sugarcane harvester design 
  • High-speed data acquisition systems – pressure, speed and displacement measurement.
  • Environmental monitoring – Weather stations, sensors
  • Power hydraulics

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